Sieving Chemical Powders

Vibratory sieving equipment for the chemical powders industry

Chemical compounds are produced by mixing and blending two or more chemical elements together. Therefore, to ensure the final quality of your chemical powder is not compromised due to secondary agglomeration or oversize particles, it is important to install a sieving machine within your process. The Russell Compact Sieve® is a high performance screener ideally suited for screening fine chemical powders due to its straight through design and small footprint providing significantly higher capacities than traditional spring mounted sieves.

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Chemical Vibratory Screener Compact Sieve

The Russell Compact Sieve – Removing oversize particles from chemical powders

Installing the Russell Compact Sieve® within your chemical powders process will give you a repeatable product quality which you can rely on

In addition to high performance, the Russell Compact Sieve® incorporates an innovative quick release clamping system allowing for simple assembly and dis-assembly facilitating easy cleaning between batches. For applications where hazardous chemical powders are being processed our fully enclosed models provide effective dust containment ensuring the health and safety of your operators.

  • Small footprint, capable of achieving throughput rates of up to 60,000 kg/hour

  • Straight through design allowing for easy installation without disrupting up and downstream processes

  • Easily stripped down and cleaned without tools reducing production downtime

  • Enclosed option to provide effective dust containment safeguarding operators from hazardous chemical powders

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