Self Cleaning Filters For Inks & Dyes

Self cleaning filtration solution removes oversize contamination and undispersed pigments from inks & dyes

The Self Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is an environmentally friendly alternative solution to traditional filtration equipment such as bag filters. Incorporating a unique wiping system and reusable filter media, this liquid filter is placed prior to final packaging, check screening your final product as a quality control measure, removing contamination such as undispersed pigment. As a result, ink and dye manufacturers all over the world are reducing product wastage, disposal costs and increasing productivity.

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The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter – Protecting the quality of your inks & dyes

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® increases productivity while ensuring the quality of your inks and dyes.

  • Re-usable filter element removes the need to dispose of messy bags or cartridges

  • Total containment prevents airborne or other contaminants polluting your product

  • Achieve high capacities through the continuously cleaned filter element

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