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Drive quality to new heights with precision automotive paint screening equipment

Used for both decorative and protective purposes, automotive paint consists of pigments, solvents, binders and additives. There are various types used for different vehicles, such as spray paint, liquid paint and powder.

The use of the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® provides a guarantee of consistent, contamination-free paint, every time.

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Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®

Improve your liquid product quality with continuous removal of contamination.

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Russell Compact Sieve®

A versatile, high capacity, easy clean check screening vibratory sieve where space is restricted.

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Success stories

Check screening fine powders

Russell Vibrasonic technology eliminates mesh blinding from powder coatings at USCAR.

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Reclaiming powder coatings

Russell Compact Sieve with magnetic separator provides industrial screening solution for reclaiming powder coatings after shot blasting.

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Sieving powder coatings

A 600mm Russell Compact Sieve with Vibrasonics eliminates mesh blinding while sieving powder coatings.

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