Self-Cleaning Rotary Filters

Self cleaning industrial filters to remove contamination and oversize materials from your liquid products

With a wide range of self cleaning industrial rotary filters to suit your unique processing requirements, you can rest assured that your liquid products will be free from contamination. All our industrial filters are based on the high performance Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® design, featuring the unique SpiroKlene™ wiper system to provide effective and continuous filtration down to 10 micron. Whether you are filtering liquid chocolate, removing contamination from your liquid paint or looking to protect up stream equipment, there is a Russell Eco Filter® solution for you.

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Features & Benefits

Automatic Self Cleaning filters

  • Increase your production rates - With our unique self-cleaning design, there are no stoppages to change filter elements, and no slowing of throughput as filter elements block.

  • Improve your product quality - Our self cleaning filters are totally enclosed so no product contamination is possible.

  • Reduce your costs - There are no continual costs of replacing filter media and no disposal costs. You will also see a reduction in wasted liquid product, labor costs and downtime.

  • Safeguard the health and safety of your operators - our industrial filters are totally enclosed, which means no fumes and limited operator exposure to liquid.


  • 400 and 600 series: This model utilizes the unique self-cleaning functionality of the Russell Eco Filter® but with the inlet and outlet in the same plane. This makes them even easier to fit into existing pipework

  • Horizontal orientation: The Russell Eco Filter® is available in horizontal orientation to suit different installations and to improve accessibility even further

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are self cleaning filters?
Self-cleaning filters are designed for the removal of oversize and contamination from liquids. The mechanism of the automatic self cleaning filter allows liquid to be filtered through the machine in a continuous flow, while the mechanical scrapers on the inside of the filter removes oversize materials.

How do self cleaning filters work?
Industrial self-cleaning filters work by utilizing a wiper system on the inside of the strainer to continuously remove and discharge oversize and contamination. The SpiroKlene™ wiper system is a cylindrical filter element that rotates and cleans the inside of the filter, simultaneously pushing good material through the screen and moving contamination down to be collected and discharged.

Are self cleaning filters automated?
Automated self cleaning filters continuously remove contamination, with the discharge of the collected debris being manual or automated. The automatic filtration process involves the Russell Filter Management System™ which releases the valve automatically, allowing the process to be fully operator free. The inline filtration system becomes fully automatic with the connecting pipes continuously filtering and discharging the liquids.

How fine can you filter with self cleaning filters?
The mesh inside of automatic self-cleaning filters can be as fine as 10 microns without compromising flow rates and end-quality. These self-cleaning filters for liquids can filter out fine contamination and agglomerates from difficult liquids such as high-temperature and high-viscosity products.