Vibratory Sifting Screen

High-capacity vibrating screener & sieve machines for improving product quality and purity

The Russell Compact Sieve® quickly removes contamination from powders and liquid slurries. It is extremely quiet and doesn’t need any tools to disassemble. All the contact parts are easy to clean so change overs are quick and improve your productivity.

Using only half the space of a traditional screener, the Russell Compact vibratory sieve is ideal for fitting into existing production lines.

Used in a range of applications, including sieving pharmaceutical powders, various food powders and powder paint, these industrial screeners come in different sizes and options to match your sieving requirements. Compared to a standard vibratory sieve of the same diameter, the Russell Compact Sieve® achieves much higher capacities.

Features and benefits


Improves your product quality

Eliminates oversized contamination from your products


Increases your productivity

Our screeners achieve a higher capacity than standard vibrating screens


Protects your operators

The enclosed design containment materials and low noise gives a comfortable environment


Cuts cleaning downtime

A tool-free, quick-release mechanism allows easy disassembly and cleaning

Compact Sieve

Flexibility to suit your unique requirements

This vibratory screener removes all oversize contamination. Perfect for many applications, including sieving pharmaceutical, food and paint powders, these industrial screeners have an array of options to meet your specific needs.

Compact sieve

How the Compact Sieve works

The Russell Compact Sieve® has a simple but innovative design:

  • Simple, side mounted motor vibrates the sieve mesh
  • ‘Straight through’ design gives higher sieving rates
  • Simple operation with tool free dis-assembly
  • Rubber vibration mounts give lower operating noise
  • Easy to clean contact parts mean shorter cleaning times

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