Asia Pharma Expo 2017 Review

Radhika Singh
Radhika Singh
Assistant Marketing Manager

Russell Finex exhibits pharmaceutical separation solutions for the first time at Asia Pharma Expo 2017

The 9th edition of Asia Pharma Expo took place in Bangladesh from 23-25 February, 2017, at the Basundhara International Convention Centre (ICCB), Dhaka. The Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (BAPI) organized the event, where many pharmaceuticals professionals from all over the global attended the show to connect, network and showcase their latest developments for the pharmaceutical industry.

Russell Finex at Asia Pharma Expo 2017

Participating for the first time, Russell Finex connected with many big pharmaceutical manufacturers to showcase the following range of high performance sieving solutions for the pharmaceutical industry:

1)      The Finex Ultima™: This revolutionary vibro screen machine is exclusively available for Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, and is a popular choice in the pharmaceutical industry due to its ability to provide high quality sieving.

2)      The Russell Compact Sieve®: This is a high capacity vibrating sifter for safety screening powders and liquid slurries, ideal for the pharmaceutical industry due to its high capacity sieving capability and compact design.

3)      Vibrasonic® Deblinding System: This ultrasonic deblinding system prevents blinding of mesh screens, increases sieving capacity, improves product quality and increases mesh life.

The show proved to be a great success and Russell Finex looks forward taking part in the exhibition next year with their innovative range of sieving and filtration solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Contact us to find out about Russell Finex’s sieving and filtration range for the pharmaceutical industry.

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