Industrial Honey filtration - IAGrE Engineering Food and Drink Seminar

Lucy Powell
Lucy Powell
Marketing Content Writer

Russell Finex to present at an international engineering seminar, focusing on honey in the food and beverage industry 

Honey is a product in the food and beverage industry that requires industrial filtration before it can be processed and sold at consumer level. The quality of honey is important for a range of companies, making sure that contamination is effectively removed and product quality protected.  As a global industrial manufacturer of a range of industrial sieving, separation, and filtration solution, Russell Finex’s expertise ideally lends itself to discuss the importance of this industrial manufacturing process.

Taking place on the 21st April 2021 from 11am-1.30pm, this seminar event will be hosted by the Institution of Agricultural Engineers with Russell Finex’s Sales Manager Richard Baker taking part as an event speaker. The seminar on Honey Technology seeks to promote food engineering and focus on more sustainable and environmentally attuned methods of food/beverage production.

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What industrial manufacturing solutions do we offer?

Russell Finex’s expertise as an industrial manufacturer in honey filtration means that it has a range of high-quality solutions, ideally suited for this application. Norwegian honey processing company Honningcentralen was one such company that sought Russell Finex’s advice and used its innovative units to help improve the filtration and processing of its honey.

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is the ideal sanitary solution to help remove contamination, such as bee parts and wax particles from honeycomb. Designed to provide superior cleaning, with food products such as honey in mind, with this industrial filtration unit operators can achieve high capacities whilst minimizing the need for manual cleaning due to the self-cleaning wiping system.

With a panel of leading industry guest speakers, this seminar is the best place for industry leaders and professionals to share knowledge, network, and see the best application of technology within the honey industry.

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