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Pack Expo 2019 Review

October 3, 2019

Russell Finex displays a wide range of screening machinery at Pack Expo 2019

Once again, Russell Finex exhibited at Pack Expo 2019 from September 23-25, the leading tradeshow for the packaging and processing industries in North America. During this three-day event, attendees were able to connect with experts and explore numerous solutions on display. Russell Finex was able to gain exposure to some 30,000 packaging industry professionals from 126 countries.

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By having experienced sales representatives on hand at the booth, attendees were able to gain knowledge on the most comprehensive range of Russell Finex’s high quality sieving and filtration machinery, including the Russell Compact Sieve®, a leading high-capacity vibratory screener tailored with the  Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, working together to increase the sieving capacity of fine powders.

Also displayed  was the Finex Separator™ to demonstrate how this range of separation technology can grade wet or dry materials on up to five fractions in one operation. Its unique design uses a patented rubber suspension for reduced noise during operation and provides increased screening capacity.  Shown with the Finex Separator was The Russell Screen Changer™. This screen deck lifting system provides easy mesh screen inspection and replacement for any vibratory separator.

In addition, the following machines were also displayed as well in the Russell Finex booth:

-The Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™ specifically designed to screen hand fed ingredients through low-level bag emptying and can fit neatly into any production process. Combining an ergonomic tipping platform with a magnetic separator and a sieve within one system enables operators to be protected while safeguarding product quality. The machine is fitted with the Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator ™ which catches ferrous particles smaller than the mesh size ensuring final product quality

-The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is known as an advanced multi-purpose centrifugal separator.  This adaptable liquid solid separation solution proved to be a highlight of interest from the attendees especially in the food and beverage sector, for its ability to separate soft and fibrous oversized materials such as pulp and mash from liquid.

- The Russell Eco Filter® range of self-cleaning filters utilizes a unique SpiroKlene™ wiper system to provide effective and continuous filtration down to 10 micron, ensuring there is no slowing of throughput.

Established in 1934, Russell Finex is a worldwide leader in fine mesh separation technology, manufacturing industrial sieving and filtration equipment for a wide range of industries. Contact Russell Finex today to learn how to safeguard product quality and improve overall productivity.

If you missed Russell Finex at Pack Expo 2019, view the complete range of processing  solutions or contact us today to explore how Russell Finex can assist you in your unique requirements.

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