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November 25, 2011

Russell Finex extends range of screening machines

Global screeners and filtration specialists Russell Finex launch new and extended range of Russell Compact Sieves®, high-performance low profile vibrating screens for safety screening liquids and powders.

First invented over two decades ago, the Russell Compact Sieve® has been installed within a wide range of industries all over the world. Renowned for its compact and easy-clean design, this vibro sieve has evolved to become the most successful vibrating screen throughout the world and with its most recent refinements makes it the most versatile screener on the market.

High performance rubber suspension system: Mounted on a unique rubber suspension system, the Russell Compact Sieve® offers considerable benefits over conventional spring mounted systems. As well as quieter operation (typically less than 70dBA), the screener is able to transmit significantly more vibration to the mesh screen surface. Combining this with its straight-through design allows for much higher flow rates and improved product separation. In some cases a 22” unit can handle flow rates similar to a traditional 48” spring mounted unit.


Quick release clamping for rapid cleaning and mesh screen changing: In all manufacturing processes, minimising downtime and maximising productivity is key to achieving optimum profitability. This is why the Russell Compact Sieve® has been specifically designed to enable rapid assembly and disassembly without the need for tools. This is achieved by minimising the number of product contact parts and by incorporating quick release toggle clamps instead of conventional band-clamp systems. This means one operator can dismantle the screener, replace a mesh screen and reassembly within a matter of minutes.

Bill Minton, maintenance manager at Deloro Stellite’s coatings operations in Goshen, Indiana states “We cut downtime from product changeover in third and enhanced product quality by switching to the Russell Finex Compact Sieves,” he continues “By expediting cleaning, preventing cross contamination and aiding product quality, we achieved ROI on the Compact Sieves in a few months.”

The Russell Compact Sieve® is now available in 5 different sizes, ranging from a 10” lab unit up to a 60” production scale unit. Therefore, whether you are processing small batches, running a pilot or full scale production plant, you can be sure that the right screener can be selected to match your production requirements.

Another enhancement is that all sizes are now also available in fully stainless steel. This provides increased durability within corrosive environments as well as providing the option for brush or mirror polished finishes for food and pharmaceutical applications.

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