Refurbishing 30-year-old Finex 22”

Ellouise Walker
Ellouise Walker
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Customer thinks refurbished machine is brand new

Russell Finex prides itself not only on the high-quality machinery we manufacture, but our aftersales support. From remeshing, to machine servicing and refurbishment, our team are on hand to ensure equipment is maintained for maximum efficiency. 

Despite equipment being manufactured for longevity, over time, general wear and tear can impact the machines performance. Rather than purchasing a new machine, you can maximize your return on investment by using our aftermarket team and factory to refurbish equipment.

On a visit to Scotland, our service engineer visited a leading label manufacturer and noticed two Finex 22” machines that were almost 30 years old. The company were heavily reliant on these industrial sifters to process resin and glue on a daily basis so we recommended they get them refurbished. After the sifter was sent back to our headquarters for inspection the Russell team created a detailed machine health report and quote within a week.

All refurbishments can be customized to the level of work you require. Upon returning the first machine, the customer in Scotland thought we had delivered a new machine instead of their refurbished one. Because they were so happy, the second Finex 22” machine was refurbished and will be delivered this month.

Refurbishment F22-min.png

Refurbishing machines with Russell Finex is an economical and environmentally friendly way to get the most out of your equipment. Whilst our machinery is built for longevity and can run for over 20 years, refurbishment can further lengthen the life and eliminate downtime and breakages.

For over 85 years, Russell Finex have been manufacturing high-quality sieving and filtration equipment as well as offering exceptional aftersales support. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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