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Support for West London youth club continued in 2023

March 29, 2023

Russell Finex continues support for St George’s (Hanworth) Youth Club

Russell Finex has extended its support for St George’s (Hanworth) Youth Club. This will enable its continued array of support and activities for children and young adults in the local community in and around the Russell Finex headquarters in Feltham, London.

This year’s donation of £5,000 will help St George’s Youth Club support the local community through the cost-of-living crisis many are now experiencing. The club has expanded its offer to assist its members and their families through this crisis by offering a free supper club, gifts of warm winter clothing and cancelling of subscriptions. Additionally, the club is offering to take members back home by car in the dark and wet weather cost free.

Its other services will continue to include mentoring, homework support, life skills and qualifications. This year the club also aims to re-start its free activity week away in Wales, which will be a great opportunity for young people in the local community to experience and learn new skills.

Support for West London youth club continued

Reverend Paul Williamson, Chairman for the club, expressed thanks for another year of funding from Russell Finex “It’s another difficult year for our club members and their families, which is why the Club has stepped up our efforts to help them all through this period. That support is only possible thanks to the continued backing from Russell Finex for which we are deeply grateful.”

Ray Singh, Managing Director for Russell Finex, said “We’re aware of the difficulties that people are suffering through the cost-of-living crisis and have taken action internally to help our own staff through this. As part of our ethos, our action isn’t complete without taking steps to support the wider community too. We’re proud to help this essential local club with the work they do with underprivileged children in the area and for the community.”

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