Solids Dortmund 2018 Review

Charlotte Vermeulen
Charlotte Vermeulen
Marketing Assistant

Russell Finex exhibits at bulk solids fair with innovative powder handling solutions

The Solids exhibition in Messe Dortmund on the 7th and 8th of November offered a great opportunity for experts and companies within the bulk processing industry to meet.  Key players in this industry, as well as newcomers, got a chance to exhibit their granules, powder and bulk solids technologies. Being one of the major events in Germany, Russell Finex was pleased to showcase its screening solutions and engage with its potential and new customers.


Russell Finex experienced sales engineers were at hand to share key insights and knowledge within the bulk processing industry. By focusing on high quality and customized solutions the company experienced another successful year at the Solids exhibition.

This trade fair provided a great opportunity for Russell Finex to showcase the following products:

The Finex Separator™ is a high-performance separator providing sieving accuracy of wet and dry materials compared with traditional separators. Its design can be adjusted to your throughput and separation needs. It is available in four sizes: 30”, 40”, 48” and 60” diameter.

The Russell Blow Thru Sieve®  guarantees product quality without sacrificing productivity by removing oversize contamination from powders during dilute phase pneumatic conveying and check-screening. The unit is ideal to screen incoming ingredients in process and before dispatch. 

The Russell Compact Sieve® improves your product quality by safety and check sieving your powders and liquid slurries. The machine fits perfectly into different production lines without requiring any excessive headroom. You can find a wide range of sizes and options to suit your exact needs.

The Russell Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ provides the ultimate solution to control ferrous contamination when screening dry powders. This machine has a unique open-ended design to easily and effectively remove ferrous contamination.

“The Solids Dortmund trade fair has been a successful opportunity to engage with current and potential customers, and we look forward to attending again next year", said Hartwig Peschken, Sales Manager at Russell Finex in Germany. 

Want to know more about our products? See our range of separation solutions or contact us to see how we can help you with your sieving or filtration requirements.

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