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Connector upgrades enhance machine performance and product quality

March 17, 2015

Russell Finex connections for better sieving and screening

When it comes to quality protection and performance enhancement, Russell Finex takes the necessary steps to ensure their customers receive solutions with promising results. Russell Finex's custom made flexible connectors not only help your machines run more efficiently, they also meet FDA standards to ensure the continual production of top quality products.

The range of top quality connectors come in several variations, allowing Russell machines to fit seamlessly into a production line. Because vibrating sieves and round separators are typically involved in a production line’s upstream or downstream process, the connectors Russell Finex offers give the machine the flexibility it needs for the equipment to continue to produce the best results.

Russell Finex values their customers’ needs for making the sieving and screening process as efficient as possible.

With 90 Years of expertise, Russell Finex can provide solutions that create smooth transitions to and from adjacent processes without jeopardizing performance. Below are the upgrades offered for quality and contamination control:

BFM – An innovative connector suitable for a wide range of applications. With a simple snap fit design these connectors are easy to install and maintain.

Convoluted rubber flexibles - These are the simplest and most common method of connection and have been specifically designed to provide excellent absorption of vibration. Available in food grade and high wear rubbers.

Tri-clamp connectors – Comprising of a tri-clamp, seal and ferrule hose liner, these established hygienic connections provide excellent sealing and are commonly used within the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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