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AMPro® Lite - AM powder recovery station

A lightweight and portable powder recovery station for entry-level users, and those using powder vessels and bottles

The Russell AMPro® Lite is the ideal sieve station for entry level users, or for those using powder vessels or bottles. A lighter, portable and adaptable machine, the Russell AMPro® Lite can support various modular systems, such as an inert gas purging system, ultrasonic deblinding system, and O2 monitoring. Furthermore, this unit is designed with operators in mind, utilizing a simple one-button control system. Able to be incorporated into the AMPro® feed system and oversize removal, this model is suitable for connecting to most bottle sizes, offering an optimized and controllable sieving process.

am powder recovery station

Features and benefits


Lightweight and compact

Portable unit fits easily into your production process, with high-quality sieving performance


Versatile design

Modular systems, such as O2 monitoring, can be added


Easy to use

Simple user interface with a one button control system


Prevents cross contamination

Russell Compact Sieve® style technology with minimal contact parts and tool-free strip down for easy cleaning

Success stories

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