AMPro 400S EBM - Printing Powder Recovery

Featured industries served by the AMPro 400S EBM: Metal Powders

Specifically designed to suit the EBM printing process, with a fully automated high capacity solution to recover unused powders.

Electron beam melting is an additive manufacturing method, whereby metal powders are melted, layer by layer – or by a concentrated beam of electrons – to build a component. Utilizing the innovative technology of the Russell Compact Sieve®, the Russell AMPro® 400S EBM provides an on-demand sieve unit which can be easily integrated into a depowder station for requalifying recovered powders. The Russell AMPro® 400S EBM has been specifically designed to suit the EBM printing processes, reclaiming and requalifying unused powder from the build envelope and provides a fully integrated, automated, high-capacity solution to recondition unused powders.

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Typical uses:

  • Recondition unused powders – diverts powder flow into one of two tanks ready to be reused in the AM printing process

 Features and Benefits:

  • Prevent cross-contamination - Integrating the Russell Compact Sieve® ensures minimal contact parts for tool-free strip down and easy cleaning

  • Maximum powder recovery - Effective removal of all out-of-spec powder, reclaiming all reusable powder ready for use

  • Minimal operator involvement - Simple one-button operation and fully programmable settings

  • Compact and fully mobile design - Provides a versatile system to suit your production process

  • Controllable sieving process – Easily control the rate at which the storage vessels are being filled, and allow for multiple vessels to be loaded