AMPro® Lab - AM Powder Reclaim

Featured industries served by the AMPro Lab: Metal Powders

A highly adaptable system, best suited to reclaim small additive manufacturing powder batches and integrating into printers

A non-vibratory sieve unit for recovering small batches of powder, the Russell AMPro® Lab includes 3 modes of adjustment (feeder, inclination, and control box) to ensure optimum sieving of any powder. Utilizing the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, the units control box also has three different modes, optimized for different types of powder. Suitable for connecting most bottle sizes and includes gas purging, this solution is also suitable for integrating into printers for sieving powder during the build process.

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ampro sieve station .jpg

Typical uses:

  • Sieving virgin powder – Guarantee the quality of virgin powder before it enters your production process

  • Bottle to bottle feed units – Fed through a sieve to ensure an efficient and controlled process

Features and Benefits:

  • Bottle to bottle transfer – Easily connected to 3D printers and suits most bottle types

  • Ergonomic compact and mobile design – a benchtop lab scale unit which can process smaller powder batches from 1-4L

  • Minimal operator involvement – simple to use interface, preserving operator safety

  • Versatile and adjustable unit – Easily optimized for different types of powders

  • Lower noise levels – Using the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding system instead of a standard vibrating motor ensures that the machine runs a lot quieter, and improves operator usability