Compact Airswept Sieve

Featured industries served by the Compact Airswept Sieve: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Coatings

Air-tight vacuum conveying sieve to check screen and convey dusty powders in one operation

The Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™ enables pneumatic conveying and check-screening of material from storage locations to your next process stage. This vacuum conveying sieve combines Russell Compact Sieve technology with industry standard conveying lines for ease of installation with minimal space required. With safety in mind, the Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™ ensures powders can be check screened in one dust tight operation, minimizing the risk of product inhalation by your operators.

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Features & Benefits


  • Improves your production capacity - Compared to standard vacuum conveying sieves, capacity is increased by up to four times

  • Ensures the safety of your operators - Dust-tight operation reducing the risk of product inhalation

  • Reduces downtime - Easy clean and strip down design ensures production downtime is kept to a minimum

  • Fits into smaller spaces - Compact design can be fitted easily into your storage location or any other stage of your process

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Upgrades available

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