Industrial Filtration Process Automation

Featured industries served by the Filter Management System: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Coatings, Ceramics, Water Processing, Recycling

Automatic liquid filtration system to continuously monitor the filtration process without operator involvement

Remove operator involvement with the Russell Filter Management System™ (FMS). The system continuously monitors your filtration process, enabling the filter to run efficiently without operator involvement. This means reduced labor costs and increased productivity.

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Two pressure transmitters, mounted on both inlet and outlet connections, allow the system to monitor the differential pressure across the filter element as well as the upstream line pressure. The system can also be set up to operate the valves on a timed basis. This information is used to control the four main functions of the system:

New FMS system

  1. Time controlled valve operation – the system can be set to automatically discharge oversize contamination on a predetermined time interval

  2. Differential pressure control valve operation - the system can be set to automatically discharge oversize contamination on a predetermined maximum differential pressure

  3. Maximum screen differential pressure indicator/warning - to protect your screen from damage

  4. Line over-pressure indicator/warning - to protect your filter and operators from harm

Features & Benefits

Automatic Filtration System

  • Completely automates your liquid filtration process

  • Improves safety by eliminating operator contact with potentially hazardous products

  • Instantly saves you money - the system dramatically reduces good product loss

  • Reduces labor costs as no manual supervision is needed

  • Simple to integrate into your plant via Serial, USB or Bluetooth connectivity

  • Quick and easy setup and operation with simple menu structure and back-lit LCD display

  • Easily retrofits to all types of filters

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