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High temperature filtration

High temperature filtration of liquids up to 250°C (480F) safeguarding your operators and your final product quality

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® can be upgraded to filter liquid products such as resins, cooking oil and other high temperature liquids up to 250°C. Fitted with an offset drive and heat resistant seals, gaskets and wiper system, you can enjoy all the benefits the Russell Eco Filter® provides without compromising your operators’ safety. A heating jacket is fitted to keep your product at the correct temperature.

High temperature filters

Features and benefits


Improves your product quality

Defined hole filter element removes contamination accurately


Increases your productivity

Continuously high filtration rates and no bags or cartridges to replace. Jacketed unit maintains product temperature


Safeguards your operators

Fully enclosed high temperature filtration with minimal operator involvement required

Filter how it works

How it works

The High Temperature Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter is a completely enclosed unit that continuously removes contamination from your liquids. It contains a removable filter element with apertures sized to remove the solid particles. This filter element is cleaned with a wiping system to keep filtration rates consistent while moving the contamination to an area it can be removed without stopping production.

Fitted with an offset drive and heat resistant seals, gaskets and wiper system, this unit can filter liquids up to 250°C (480F).

Success stories

Filtering high grade fuel oil

An innovative waste management company uses the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter to create a high-grade fuel oil.

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Automatic filtration and recovery of cooking oils

High-performance filter with automatic filtration system delivers efficient filtration and recovery of cooking oil.

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