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Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter improves your product quality

Sanitary filters for optimum product quality

The Russell Hygiene Filter™ has been specifically designed for sanitary applications to meet the demands of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Internal surfaces have been made crevice free for even easier cleaning. Incorporating a unique self-cleaning wiper system, oversize can be continuously removed as fine as 15 microns. In addition its reusable reduced crevice filter element eliminates costs and environmental implications associated with bags and cartridges.


Features and benefits


Sanitary design

A crevice free design allows superior cleaning, eliminating bug traps and risk of contamination


High specification finish

All product contact parts are crevice free and polished to less than 0.6Ra as standard


Meets industry standards

Designed in accordance with BS EN ISO 14159:2008 and EU1935/2004 regulations


Dismantles completely

Designed to completely dismantle, enabling a rapid and thorough clean down

Filter how it works

How it works

The hygienic Russell Eco Filter® is a completely enclosed unit that continuously removes contamination from your liquids. It contains a removable filter element with apertures sized to remove the solid particles. This filter element is cleaned with a wiping system to keep filtration rates consistent while moving the contamination to an area it can be removed without stopping production.

Highly polished internal contact areas and elimination of crevices make this simple to clean effectively between batches and avoid any cross contamination.