High Performance Round Separators

Featured industries served by the Eco Separator: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Coatings, Ceramics, Metal Powders, Water Processing, Recycling

The most cost effective high performance round separators for grading wet or dry materials up to five fractions

These high performance round separators offer a cost effective solution to virtually any separation requirement, including sizing, scalping, grading or product recovery.

To best fit into your production line and to make sure we can handle whatever throughput you require, the Russell Eco Separator® is available in six sizes: 24", 30", 40", 48", 60" and 72".

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Cascade System

The Cascade system can raise capacity by up to 70% compared to standard separators of the same diameter. Read more.

Features & Benefits

Gyratory Sifters Sieving Exo Seperator

  • Adaptable to your needs - Easily adjustable to provide absolute control of material movement on the screen surface, optimizing separation quality

  • Versatile for various materials - Suitable for wet or dry applications

  • Sanitary options available - Painted or stainless steel base

  • Greater accuracy possible - Up to four screen surfaces can be mounted on one unit, providing five predetermined fractions in a single operation

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