Ultrasonic Vibrating Mesh Screens

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Mesh screens for ultrasonic deblinding systems

The mesh screen on any sieve is the most critical component, ensuring you can rely on your sieving solution to safeguard the quality of your final products. Particularly when screening difficult powders or when screening on fine meshes, installing the Vibrasonic® Deblinding System within your sieve will eliminate blinding and blockages, increasing mesh life and maximizing your productivity.

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The Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System can be easily retrofitted to any existing vibratory sieve including non-Russell equipment. We offer a range of mesh screen designs to suit all sizes and applications.

  • BX – The BX system consists of a self-supported screen and velocity transfer plate, providing even activity throughout the screen whilst also providing a solid connection for the probe.

  • Spiroscreen™ – This patented design is especially suited to larger diameter mesh frames and ensures maximum capacities are achieved on screens up to 2m in diameter.

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