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Centrifugal separation for distilling spirits

US-based distillery drastically reduces its environmental footprint with the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™

Blue Valley Spirits, a distillery of fine craft spirit recipes based in Colorado, USA is a relatively new company, setting up its operations in 2017. This distillery continuously pursues eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for the distillery’s waste management, as disposal of spent grains can come with an unwanted cost and time-consuming processes for most distillers.

The company sought out machinery that would fit their requirements and subsequently contacted Russell Finex. After a consultation with a local sales engineer the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™, which is installed in many distilleries across the US, was offered as the ideal unit to integrate into its existing spirit process to ensure its operation ran more efficiently and sustainably.

Centrifugal separation for distilling spirits

Distilleries often face challenging mandatory waste minimization as required by local and regional regulations. The installation of the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ helped Blue Valley Spirits overcome this obstacle and improve its waste management. By installing the unit into the spirit distilling process before and after fermentation, this allowed for more liquid to be extracted and sent to the fermenter, increasing production rates whilst simultaneously reducing liquid waste.

As the distillery usually processes over 300 gallons/4 batches of high-quality craft spirits weekly, the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ allowed the company to process the spirits with a flow rate of 20 gallons/minute – a far higher rate than other traditional centrifugal separators.

This centrifugal separator also decreased the number of trips necessary to deliver the spent grains to the farmer. As a result, the distillery’s owner Red Waldron can spend more time on his true passion: creating and perfecting new spirit recipes for his distillery to deliver to customers.


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A worldwide leader in separation technology, Russell Finex has applied 85 years of expertise and proven separation technology to the design of the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™, helping companies to improve product quality and productivity while contributing eco-friendly innovative solutions to distilleries across the globe. Contact us today to see how this separation solution can fit your production requirements.

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“This unit is highly efficient: both in terms of money saved and ROI but also in the time it saves for the business. This is a crucial step in the overall process, and one that has more than benefitted the entire business.”

Red Waldron, Distillery Owner at Blue Valley Spirits
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