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Processing liquid chocolate at Godiva

For Godiva quality is everything

As with many chocolate processes, foil is commonly used to wrap chocolate because of its decorative/luxury appearance and ease of wrapping varying shapes. However, this complicates rework processes, since the foil must be removed beforehand and as a result pieces of foil can contaminate the chocolate. Godiva identified two areas where foreign bodies could enter the chocolate and looked at how they could eliminate this. Following a visit to their chocolate supplier who were using Russell Finex self-cleaning filtration units, Godiva contacted Russell Finex for a solution. Following an in-depth risk assessment, a combination of both liquid filtration units and round vibratory sieves were provided, which covered two critical control points within the system.

Two Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filters were installed after each storage tank to remove any contaminant from within the tanks that could have been introduced through rework. These in-line filters were selected due to their high flow rates and innovative self-cleaning design meaning operator involvement is kept to a minimum.


The second control point was just before the depositors. A bank of Russell Compact Sieves replaced the two existing sieving units, working in tandem with the in-line filters. “The Compact 400 sieves were chosen as they fitted neatly into our existing process without losing the cleanability of the depositors” states Peter Van Ingelghem, Engineering and Maintenance Manager at Godiva.


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“Having a global recall is something that we are unable to quantify in terms of costs. However, with the new Russell systems in place we have complete peace of mind that our product is being supplied to the highest standards. In fact it has actually made our metal detectors virtually redundant since we rarely ever hear them activated. ”

Peter Van Ingelghem, Godiva
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