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Screening equipment for toner at Toshiba

A strategic advantage that lasts and lasts

When Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) began successfully using the Russell Compact Sieve® in its toner products division after initially using it for R&D trials, it decided to order another unit as demand for new digital toners began to pick up. The box screeners they were originally using prior to purchase of a vibratory sieve did not work for the digital toners so these could not be used. In addition, TABS required production equipment that could quickly and consistently screen smaller particle sizes with minimal downtime. Following a trial to ensure the sieve could be used with digital toners, TABS bought a second high capacity, 36” Russell Compact Sieve®.


Unlike some screeners which have commercial hardware such as nuts and springs exposed to the material being screened, the Russell Finex units do not, which eliminates the risk of hardware vibrating loose to enter the product stream. Since the units are crevice-free and entirely constructed from polished stainless steel including stands, all surfaces are also easily cleanable. Their simple design makes them easy to strip down and clean without tools, which further simplifies maintenance and enhances production uptime.

Russell Finex manufactures a wide range of innovative solutions for sieving powders. Contact us for more information.


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What our clients say

“ Compared to our previous screeners, we've doubled capacity in half the space. Not only that, but we've significantly increased yield while maintaining quality and minimizing maintenance. The units last and last - we’re still using our original 15-year old screener in mass production.”

Becky Pitz, Toshiba Corporation
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