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Filtering asphalt based coating products

Cleaning up in the coating business

The Henry Company, world leader in special industrial coatings and emulsions, focus on making customers' jobs easier by proactively filtering its surface spray products to remove contaminants up to three times smaller than the tip of the sprayer. While the company traditionally filtered its products with a metal blade style filter, it saw room for improvement, particularly on the process and production side. To streamline production a one-week trial of the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® was conducted. The trial was successful and the machine was purchased.


Since the self-cleaning filter integrates directly into the pipeline, it eliminates labor-intensive manual cleaning tasks such as changing filter bags or cleaning filtration baskets. The filter element is kept continuously clean via a unique spiral wiper design, ensuring optimum filtration efficiency. Because of its design, cleaning the filter between batch runs is quick and easy with minimal disruption during production changeovers. The filter is also totally enclosed preventing outside pollutants from contaminating product and protects operators from any spillage or fumes. Compared to previous manually-cleaned filters, the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is saving the company a substantial amount of downtime, labor and even capital outlay cost.

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What our clients say

“Our process downtime virtually disappeared because the filter cleaned itself and discharged oversize quickly and cleanly through the purge valve. It allows us to quickly, cleanly rework purge materials back into the product stream, and will save us about 500 hours of labor and $10,000 in labor costs this year. The self-cleaning filter has added significantly to our bottom line and helped us toward our goal of continuous improvement.”

Rick Baker, Henry
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