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One of the processes at the Mt. Olive Pickle Company is nozzle spraying fresh product with brine solution. To save costs the excess brine solution was reused but to prevent the spray nozzles from clogging with debris washed off in the process the brine solution was filtered before each reuse. Mt. Olive found that the traditional filter bags they were using would need to be changed every hour, performed inconsistently and required constant monitoring.


Based on the recommendation of its salt bath supplier and its own research, Mt. Olive turned to the state-of-the-art Self Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. The Eco Filter is a self-cleaning system that integrates directly into the pipeline and completely eliminates the need to change filter bags or clean filtration baskets. By means of a unique spiral wiper design, the filter element is kept continuously clean, ensuring optimum filtration efficiency. Because of its self-cleaning design, cleaning the filter between batch runs is quick and easy with minimal disruption during production changeovers. To allow the sampling of freshly filtered material so quality can easily be monitored on the fly without interrupting production the filter was customized with a unique Q-Tap valve.

Established in 1934, Russell Finex has a wealth of experience in supplying leading manufacturers with customized sieving and filtration equipment for the food industryContact us for more information about how we can cater to your specific requirements.


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“We no longer have to shut down production or babysit filter bags. Because we are removing all the particulate pieces of product from the brine solution, we are not blocking up our nozzles and are getting good brine flow into the system. With more production uptime and lower labor costs, the Eco Filters are helping us stay productive, competitive and grow into new markets, they are part of our winning team.”

Steve Whitman, Mt Olive Pickle Company
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