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Filtering rapeseed oil

Achieve improved productivity and optimum product quality while filtering rapeseed oil with the installation of the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter

A major international food company was supplying rapeseed oil to biodiesel producers and had to ensure their oil was free of any contaminants before the producers could undertake the final stages of processing. At their site in Belgium, the food company was originally using two self-cleaning filters using piston-cleaning systems and wedgewire screens to remove small particles from their oil. However, the machines were experiencing numerous problems with screen blockage. This damaged their material and meant stopping production to manually clean the filter and replace parts.

In order to improve productivity and ensure optimum product quality, the company selected the revolutionary Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® to replace their existing machines. The unique design of the Eco Filter ensures that flow of material goes from the inside to the outside of the filter element. The screen is then automatically cleaned using a rotating wiper inside the element. Unlike most other self-cleaning filters, the Russell Eco Filter's wipers work on a continuous basis, cleaning the filter element at all times. This ensures the screen remains clear of blockages, which in turn gives consistent throughput rates and prevents a build up of differential pressure. Removing particles with a density between 0.85 and 0.90 kg/l at 90 degrees Celcius, the unit allows the company to successfully filter their rapeseed oil without having to continuously interrupt production to clean the machine and replace parts.


The company was so satisfied with results obtained from the Eco Filter that they are rolling them out across other sites in Belgium and France. “Whenever we had a problem or question, we could count on Russell Finex to deliver a response within just a couple of hours. Our decision to order additional units of the Eco Filter for our other plants is a testament to the quality and performance of the filter itself, but also to the very high level of service we enjoyed from the company” says the source.


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