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Self-cleaning filter for oleoresin manufacturers

Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® allows continuous operation nonstop, year-round for spice extract producer

Oleoresins are up to 20 times more concentrated than their corresponding spices. As a result, they are applied to almost every food and beverage to add flavor, color, or other attributes of natural spice. 

To create the spice and nutraceutical extracts, the manufacturer cuts the raw spices (for example, black pepper, red chili, turmeric, or rosemary) into pieces before powdering and turning them into pellets. The pellets are sprayed with hexane, acetone, or ethyl acetate in a bucket elevator or dipped into a solvent tank to extract the essence of the spice. 

This extract, called miscella, is a 5-30% product concentration, with the remaining liquid being solvents. During the vacuum distillation process, the solvents are evaporated from the miscella, and the remaining viscous liquid is oleoresin. 

Self-cleaning filter for Oleoresin

After extraction and before evaporation, the miscella must be filtered to remove physical sediments such as fibers, wax, and powders to avoid contamination of the oleoresin. However, the manufacturer’s filtering method created a bottleneck in its production.  

It used a series of filter candles with a sparkling cloth-type media which had to be replaced every 5,000 kilograms of filtration. The daily cleaning, which took four hours with two operators, led to significant production downtime. 

After a successful on-site trial of the machine, the company implemented the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® into its production operation. The company handles a capacity of 3,000 liters of miscella extract per hour through the self-cleaning filter with a single 15-micron screen without any operator involvement. With this new filtration solution, the manufacturer achieves a consistent flow and avoids the production bottleneck that it experienced previously. 

The filtration process now runs continuously, all year round due to the self-cleaning design of the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. Instead of filter cloths that need replacement, the machine uses a permanent stainless-steel screen continuously cleaned by a wiper. There is no downtime required, and cleaning only occurs once a year during plant maintenance shutdown.  

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