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Pharmaceutical sieving with vacuum conveying

Compact aseptic vacuum-conveying sieve fits neatly into pharmaceutical downflow booth and high-containment isolator

Howorth Air Technology (Howorth) engineers a range of powder containment solutions, and aseptic systems for medical, pharmaceutical and other industries. The company manufactures high-quality bespoke products and turnkey systems to clients throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

When a leading global pharmaceutical producer sought multiple contained powder handling systems, Howorth combined its expertise with that of Russell Finex – a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical sieving and filtration equipment. The customer had previously held concerns about operator exposure during the processing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and two systems were required to guarantee containment in two key production areas.

Firstly, a Howorth WORKSAFE™ containment booth was supplied, where pharmaceutical powders would be weighed and transferred into a hopper then vacuum-conveyed into an IBC via an integrated sieving system. The Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™ was recommended on this occasion. This aseptic pneumatic sifter combines industry-proven Russell Compact Sieve® technology with vacuum conveying lines, ensuring powders can be check-screened in one dust-tight operation. The sieving unit is also quick and easy to dismantle, reducing downtime between processes.

Pharmaceutical sieving with vacuum conveying

A Howorth Isolator System (also known as a glove box) was also supplied to the customer. APIs would be loaded into the isolator and vacuum-conveyed and screened via another integrated sieve system. A customized aseptic pneumatic sieve was engineered, combining a Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™ with the Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™ clamping system. This vacuum-conveying screener provides all the benefits of pneumatic sieving technology with the patented TLI (twist, lock and inflate) airlock clamping system -  designed to provide effortless operation, ideal for integration inside a glove box.

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“We chose to work with Russell Finex on this project because of the wide range of compact pharmaceutical screening equipment available. When providing premium custom-built solutions such as this, it is imperative the equipment we integrate is of a high quality, operator-friendly and versatile to meet specific functions and environments.

Paul Stanway, Business Development Manager at Howorth Air Technology
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