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Pneumatic sieving of pharmaceutical powders

Russell Finex’s high-performance sieving solution helps a major pharmaceutical company to optimize its production capacity and improve product quality

A leading Indian pharmaceutical and biotechnology company plans to develop and revolutionize the pharmaceutical and drugs industry throughout the Indian subcontinent. The company already has seven manufacturing facilities across India, which are focused on manufacturing drug products and drug substances.

The company focuses on four major areas active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), finish dosage forms (FDF), ingredients and synthesis and supplies its pharmaceutical product for both Indian and Export markets.

In order to optimize production capacity, the company sought to upgrade its plant. Having previously worked with Russell Finex, they approached the company again to find a hygienic and versatile sieving solution that would process various pharmaceutical ingredients at a high capacity.

Following a consultation and a product trial at Russell Finex’s state-of-the-art test facility, it was decided that the Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™ would best meet the requirements, and the machine was installed in place of the old spring mounted vacuum-rated separator.



The Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™ is a highly versatile pneumatic sieve used to convey and check-screen materials from a storage location to the next process stage. This conveying sieve guarantees the check-screening of pharmaceutical powders in a single step operation, reducing the risk of product inhalation. It is also easy to strip down and clean without the use of tools.

With the installation of this pneumatic sieve, the company was able to meet the high level of demand for the new product, whilst ensuring product quality was not compromised.

With over 85 years’ experience, Russell Finex provides a range of innovative grading sieves and separators for a variety of industries. With a wealth of different solutions to offer customers depending on their needs, Russell Finex is dedicated to ensuring any unique requirements are met.


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“The Russell Compact Airswept Sieve was the ideal solution for our screening requirements. We have increased our output by 40% with minimum breakdown time. The sieve improves the quality of our various pharmaceutical powders and, whilst being compact, delivers increased flow rates.”

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