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Removing contamination from PET plastics during the recycling process

PFR Nord integrates vibratory separator into PET plastic washing lines for increased efficiency

Founded in 2012, PFR Nord GmbH (PFR standing for “PET Flaschen Recycling”) deals with the recycling of PET from beverage bottles. PFR Nord’s products stem largely from local German returnable bottle systems, of which the company moves and recycles more than 40,000 tons of drinking bottles every year. With a warehouse and production area of 41,000sqm, PFR Nord prides itself on its process, and that its recycling plant has been designed to ensure the product is recycled as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The plastics separation process has various stages, but the Finex Separator™ was installed as part of the bottle washing line as a part of the final separation process. Here, the unit is used to recycle this PET plastic, done by washing the shredded plastic on the sieve mesh with cold wash water at around 20-30°C.

Removing contamination from PET plastics

Having previously used a competitor’s sieving machine to pre-separate the solids with the wash water, Russell Finex were contacted to supply a more suitable, reliable replacement for PFR Nord’s processing line. After consulting with the sales team to define the exact specifications needed by the company, Russell Finex were happy to provide an on-site trial of a 60” diameter Finex Separator™ unit for three weeks.

Once it passed a successful trial and installed on site, this vibratory separator provided the company with a considerably higher throughput rate than the previous unit, reaching the required throughput of 35m³/h through a 200μm mesh aperture. With a design that allows for greater separation accuracy, mesh life was also increased resulting in higher productivity due to less frequent mesh screen changes being required. Furthermore, as part of this agreement, Russell Finex’s aftermarket service team were also on hand to assist with providing replacement mesh screens.


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“We were very happy about how Russell Finex went above and beyond to give us a solution to our problems. The fact that they also provided us with a test unit to trial for the solution also proved incredibly helpful and we were very pleased with the partnership that was made.

Mr Holger Mainka, Managing Director at PFR Nord
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