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Screening mustard flour

Colmans update machinery to improve efficiency

Colmans have improved process efficiency on the production line at its manufacturing plant in Norwich following the installation of two 900mm Russell Compact Sieves. Replacing 40-year-old sprung suspension open top sieves, which used bristle brushes to push the flour through the sieve, the Russell Compact Sieve® is completely enclosed to protect Colman's operators from dust in the atmosphere, which was a previous hazard.


Only two vibratory screeners are now needed to achieve the two tonnes per hour production rate, compared to four of the old sieves. The Compact Sieves are designed for ease of installation, operation and are virtually maintenance free. Constant supervision of the machines is no longer required which means that the operator's involvement is dramatically reduced giving significant savings in labor and downtime costs. The system, with its combination of ultrasonic and conventional vibration, is capable of providing the high throughputs and accuracy of screening at very fine mesh sizes that Colman's require in order to maximize productivity and ensure the highest quality control standards.


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