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Screening and recovering waste water

Russell Finex helps Finlay’s produce a greener cup of tea

Established over 250 years ago, Finlay’s are a leading UK manufacturer of decaffeinated and specialty teas. After coming under pressure from local water authorities to reduce BOD levels (Biological Oxygen Demand) in the waste water discharged from their decaffeination process, Finlay’s required a screening solution which would help reduce BOD levels but also keep maintenance costs to a minimum and safeguard operators health. After considering several units Finlay’s trialed Russell Finex’s Liquid Solid Separator™ and were pleased with the results.

The centrifugal action of the separator removes potential contaminants including leaf tea and tea fines from the water. By catching this oversize contamination before it is released, Finlay’s has significantly reduced the chance of incurring penalty fines from local water authorities.


Finlay’s can now also re-use waste water and pump it back into their manufacturing process, minimizing the use of additional town water for their decaffeination process. With its simple design, the centrifugal separator fits easily into Finlay’s manufacturing process. Engineers at the company were able to install the machine without the help of an outside contractor.

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“With reduced waste disposal costs and greater production uptime, the Liquid Solid Separator is playing an integral role in helping Finlay’s remain the UK’s leading manufacturers of decaffeinated and specialty teas.”

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