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Screening bismuth powder

Improving process efficiency

Mining & Chemical Products Limited produce bismuth powder, which is one of the non-ferrous metal bi-products of copper and lead production and is supplied by the company for use in a wide range of industrial applications around the world. The product consistency of bismuth powder blocks the screen mesh making production slow and inefficient. Speed is essential in the processing of bismuth powder to avoid the metal powder oxidizing when it comes into contact with the atmosphere, which renders it unusable.


As part of an ongoing investment and modernization programme at the ISO 9000 accredited company's plant, new separators were needed to meet increasing demand. Russell Finex already had an existing relationship with the company and recommended vibratory separators fitted with the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System. The industrial separators ensure the quality of the metal powder by removing oversize particles. The Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System helps increase sieving capacities up to 10 times enabling powders to pass through screen quickly and consistently. The de-dusting process takes place at the final production stage, after which the bismuth powder undergoes further quality testing before packing.

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“We have used Russell sieves successfully for many years but the new Russell Vibrasonic separators are really excellent and much faster than conventional separators. They have allowed us to significantly improve process efficiency and achieve the consistently high standards of product quality and purity that are demanded by our customers.”

Kevin Godfrey, Mining & Chemical Products Limited
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