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Screening gravy granules at Centura Foods

Centura Foods improves efficiency

Centura Foods manufacture products like Bisto Gravy Granules and other dry food ingredients. To improve the quality of their products, the company invested in 6 Russell Compact Sieves®, which were integrated into manufacturing lines to de-dust and quality screen the finished product prior to packaging ensuring oversized particles, lumps or impurities such as scraps of paper bags are removed.

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To maximize processing efficiency and throughput, two Russell Compact Sieves® are used in tandem on each manufacturing line. By regularly alternating processing between each sieve, the process runs continuously eliminating downtime and reducing loss of good quality product.


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What our clients say

“The Compact 1200 sieves have allowed us to maximize productivity while ensuring a consistently high quality product. They are robust and well built and their design makes them very user-friendly and easy to strip down for cleaning. Because they are so compact they fit easily into our manufacturing lines while being able to produce the high throughputs that we require.”

David Caddell, Centura Foods
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