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Industrial sieving of lecithin

Lactoprot dairy producer doubles its throughput of animal and plant tissues lecithin handling line with an industrial vibrating screening machine

From baked goods to confectionary, leading dairy company Lactoprot GmbH processes whey, milk, and lecithin, each of which are present in a variety of different products in the food and beverage industry. Russell Finex worked onsite at Lactoprot’s newest site in Lübeck to help handle its handling and throughput of lecithin. This fatty substance is one that is used to homogenize and emulsify liquid mixtures. It occurs in animal and plant tissue, and is a substance that is both sensitive to light, as well as manual and mechanical handling, making it a difficult to sieve product.

As such, the production process for this product is extremely important, to allow for contamination and foreign particles to be accurately removed and ensure product quality. Initially, Lactoprot used a highly inefficient manual handling operation which required an operator to brush the lecithin through a simple, round sieve. This resulted in a low throughput rate and due to its sensitive nature, risked the quality of the product. Since the correct processing of this material is crucial to ensure product quality, the company sought a more efficient solution.

Industrial sieving of lecithin

Lactoprot purchased a vibratory screen which was customized to have a 250mm height sieve deck, which allowed for a 25kg bag of lecithin to be emptied into the sieve. This improved the throughput rate by up to 50%, depending on the quality of the lecithin. The company also purchased four high-quality mesh frames for cleaning cycles, which ensured that the Russell Compact Sieve® could be kept running consistently, and efficiently processing lecithin.

Production Manager Michael Schwanke comments: “We were very happy with how Russell Finex dealt with this project, especially with how fast and easily available a test unit was made to check how good the system was before purchasing.”

With 85 years’ experience designing and manufacturing industrial screening equipment for an international market, Russell Finex is a global leader in sieving and filtration technology, directly serving the food and beverage industry with high quality, hygienic equipment to meet the strictest standards. Contact an experienced sales engineer today to find out how we can find a solution that best fits your requirements.


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“We were really impressed by the improvements that the Russell Compact Sieve made to our production process. It allowed our throughput to increase by up to 50%, a far better rate than we were seeing when using our previous sieve.

Steffen Rode, Owner and General Manager at Lactoprot
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