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Industrial screening of refined coffee

Coffee manufacturer replaces metal detector with the Russell Compact Sieve® to increase productivity and reduce product wastage

Realcafé Solúvel do Brasil, is part of Grupo Tristão, one of the coffee industry’s largest producers. The Brazilian company manufactures high-grade refined coffee for use in soluble, roasted and ground coffee lines. To ensure that its coffee meets consumer expectations, Realcafé employs rigorous process controls.

The production process starts with freshly-harvested coffee berries. The red arabica and robusta berries are hulled by Realcafé to remove the fruit and the green beans are polished to remove chaff, a by-product which can be detrimental to taste. The coffee beans are then cleaned and graded ready for roasting.

Prior to its investment in Russell Finex innovative separation equipment, Realcafé had used a metal detector to remove physical contaminants from the production line. However, whilst the metal detector could detect metallic contaminants, including machine swarf, it did not filter out non-metallic contaminants, such as plastic, rubber and stone. A recommendation from another coffee producer prompted Realcafé to investigate industrial sieve technology.

Following a detailed evaluation, Realcafé selected a Russell Compact Sieve®. The high-capacity vibrating screener stood out from the competition. Offering better productivity than models twice its size, its low maintenance and compact design enabled Realcafé to install a high-capacity sieve without making costly structural changes to its production line.

Installed in place of the metal detector, the Russell Compact Sieve® takes up less than 2 m² of floorspace. The vibratory action allows Realcafé to remove a wider variety of contaminants from the production process, including metallic and non-metallic materials; significantly improving the purity and quality of its product lines.

With the sieve continuously rejecting contaminants, Realcafé also benefited from a reduction in waste. The metal detector had required purging on a monthly basis, with some 40 kg of product (5,000 cups) going to waste at each inspection. The Russell Compact Sieve® only requires a quick visual inspection and there is now zero waste.

Russell Finex, a global leader in sieving and filtration technology, has over 85 years of experience in serving the food industry. The company has supplied a wide variety of machines from vibratory sieves and graders to self-cleaning filters of all sizes to remove impurities and oversize from various products such as cocoa powders and coffee beans. To speak to an experienced sales engineer about your specific requirements, contact Russell Finex today.


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“We chose the Russell Compact Sieve because it allowed us to install a vibratory sieve without making structural changes to the production line. Now, thanks to the Russell Compact Sieve, we can guarantee that our product is free of any metallic and non-metallic contaminants.”

Carlos Eduardo Martinelli, Maintenance Manager, Realcafé Solúvel do Brasil
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