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Separating Attapulgite Clay

Improved separation technology yields 50% jump in processing output at Zemex plant

Zemex Corporation is a leading producer of industrial minerals, specifically attapulgite clay. The plant used five 60" spring-suspension separators with a screen of 300 micron to remove agglomerates that formed in storage and any debris that might have fallen in. Unfortunately the ineffective machines were rejecting a tremendous amount of good clay because the screens were constantly being flooded whenever plant management attempted to ramp up production.


After sending samples of attapulgite to several manufacturers, Russell Finex were chosen as their advanced vibratory separators imparts the energy of the screen better, whilst also providing high throughput rates. The adaptable weight system of the Finex Separator™ creates a more finely tuned and vigorous action, significantly raising sieving efficiency and running standard at 1800 rpm. Fitted with the Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, blinding is reduced, helping to move material through the screens faster.

With over 85 years’ experience providing a range of innovative sieving and separation solutions for various industries, contact us today to find out more about what is available for the clay industry.


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“After we replaced the five original separators with new ones from Russell Finex, we increased throughput by almost 50%.”

Tom Oldaker, Zemex Corporation
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