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Separating sesame seeds at Haitoglou Bros

Haitoglou Bros remove oversize and undersize contamination from sesame seeds in one process whilst maintaining high throughputs.

Since 1924 Greek food manufacturers, Haitoglou Bros have been dedicated to producing high quality products. Their accumulated experience and advanced manufacturing facilities, have geared their production capabilities to meet the highly complex and exacting demands created within their domestic and international markets. This has been accomplished while steadfastly adhering to the fundamental company policies of traditional preparation methods combined with the exclusive use of high quality raw materials.


Haitoglou Bros approached Russell Finex with a challenge to separate the ‘good’ sesame seeds from the soft peels whilst simultaneously removing smaller broken particles. Russell Finex offered a solution, which ensured their seeds would continue to be separated from the oversize and undersize material in an effective process. The vibratory separator was selected with its unique Cascade System; with larger diameter machines, they were also able to accurately achieve higher throughputs. This allows Haitoglou to effectively remove the large foreign material on the first mesh screen, collect the good product (sesame seeds) from the second screen and eliminate the peels on the third screen.


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