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Sieving bakery ingredients at Zeelandia

Vibratory sieve improves productivity and product purity for leading bakery ingredient supplier

To satisfy increasing market demands, Zeelandia, a leading manufacturer of raw bakery ingredients, sought to optimize product quality, improve productivity and reduce downtime. The key search criteria for new vibrating flour sifter machines included the ability to achieve capacities of 2 tonnes of bakery powder per hour, meet strict hygiene and safety standards such as HACCP and ATEX legislations and sieve products on varying mesh sizes with minimal disruption to the production process.


Due to an already established relationship Zeelandia knew they could rely on Russell Finex to provide the solution they were looking for. Realizing the benefits of Russell Finex’s innovative experience and testing facilities, Zeelandia installed two custom built 900mm Russell Compact Sieves® vibratory sieves, with one machine fitted with the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System to prevent the mesh screen from blocking. To satisfy Zeelandia’s objectives, the units were customized with lower sieve decks and enlarged underpans to enable the units to fit neatly into the existing process. They were also fitted with Russell high quality mesh, enabling rapid screen changeover, reducing downtime and improving productivity. The units were supplied to meet the ATEX approval ratings and were also fully compliant with strict HACCP and FDA hygiene standards.


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