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Sieving metal and chemical powders

Treibacher uses Russell Finex sieving and ultrasonic technologies to achieve consistent product quality

Treibacher Industrie AG produce a range of materials featured in nearly all areas throughout the world including car paint, dental fillings, ceramics and detergents. Due to the nature and characteristics of many powders, materials can often clog fine meshes, reducing sieving efficiency and damaging sieving equipment.


Russell Finex have been supplying Treibacher with sieving equipment since 1989. When Treibacher decided to invest in the expansion of their Tungsten Carbide production line, Russell Finex was the first choice to supply them with new sieving machines. The Finex Separator™ with the unique Vibrasonic® Deblinding System was selected because the Vibrasonics® could be finely tuned to accommodate the characteristics of particular powders, enabling Treibacher to achieve reliable, repeatable product quality for very fine particle sizes.

Russell Finex supplies innovative separation equipment to a wide range of industries. Every type of filter, sieve or vibratory separator can be customized to fit your specific application. Contact Russell Finex for more information on how we can help improve your production line.


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“In order for us to ensure high product quality, we needed to select the best processing method available. Our long standing relationship with Russell Finex meant that we knew we could rely on them to deliver a sieving solution to fit our requirements.”

Jürgen Eckhart, Treibacher Industrie AG
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