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Sieving cocoa powders

Brazilian cocoa multinational leader optimizes its brand-new production line to improve product quality

Founded in 2005, the Indústria Brasileira de Cacau (IBC) company is a key supplier of cocoa to companies who use it as raw material in the food and cosmetics industries. A business that is renowned for its expertise in food processing, quality assurance, and custom-made products, its expertise which is reflected in the certifications it holds, which includes USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance, and Kosher certifications.

Referred by one of its customers, Russell Finex was recommended to IBC as a global leader in separation technology. As IBC sought to implement a brand-new processing line, the company needed to be assured of quality before choosing the best sieving solution for this application. Moreover, due to IBC’s focus on quality control, sustainability, and productivity, and as cocoa powder is a difficult to screen powder using standard units, Russell Finex recommended the Russell Compact Sieve®: a highly versatile, easy-clean sieve ideal for the safety-screening of food powders, like cocoa powder.

Sieving cocoa powders

After testing it at Russell Finex’s test facility in Brazil, the Russell Compact Sieve® performed optimally, processing 1300kg of cocoa powder in an hour through a 2mm mesh. Compared to traditional separators, this unit was found to be the most efficient solution for IBC in terms of its yield and productivity.

The ideal solution for the safe screening of powders at a high throughput, this innovative unit fits neatly into production lines whilst still providing considerable screening capacity. Moreover, the de-sign of the Russell Compact Sieve® means that it can be easily stripped down and cleaned, reducing downtime and improving operator safety, making it the perfect solution to ensure reliable quality control in IBC’s brand-new product line.

With over 85 years’ experience, Russell Finex provides a range of innovative grading sieves and separators for a variety of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and recycling. With a wealth of different solutions to offer customers depending on their needs, Russell Finex is dedicated to ensuring your unique requirements are met. To find out more or to speak to one of our experienced sales engineers, contact us today.


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“We were very excited about the high capacity output and the speed at which the Russell Compact Sieve processed the cocoa powder. This product is ideal for guaranteeing and safeguarding our product quality.

Maurice Pinho, Company Owner
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