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Streamlined filling of fuel tankers at Veolia

Veolia Environmental Services improves productivity by more than 50% while protecting operators

Veolia waste management leader, focuses on the recovery of hydrocarbons, diesel oils and industrial solvents. One of Veolia’s recovery processes is the manufacturing of a secondary liquid fuel (SLF) from liquid wastes. These liquid wastes are carefully recovered by Veolia and then blended, macerated, and filtered before being delivered to cement manufacturers. After Veolia’s mixing and blending process, some debris remained in the resultant fuel oil which needed to be removed.  Veolia used basket filters to achieve this check-screening function, leading to some delays in the filtering process due to blockages. Veolia realized that they required a better filtration solution so turned to Russell Finex.


Veolia procured two self-cleaning filters to filter their reclaimed fuel and immediately reaped the benefits of their installation. The unique design of the Eco Filter ensures that material flow passes through the filter screen whilst the screen is automatically cleaned using a rotating wiper inside the element. The Russell Eco Filter® wiper system works on a continuous basis, cleaning the filter element surface at all times thereby maintaining maximum open screen area, which in turn gives a consistent throughput rate and prevents a build up of differential pressure. Because of this unique design, Veolia are no longer experiencing filter blockages. Productivity at the tank-filling stage has improved by more than 50% since the installation. The company has more than doubled their overall throughput with the durable Eco Filters.

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“ Russell Finex were the only company willing to provide us with a test unit before we had to commit to any equipment. Because of this, we ran the trial unit for approximately one month before deciding that this was clearly the right choice for us.”

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