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Wet and dry screening of fossils

Paleontology consulting company uses the Russell Mini Sifter™ to cut sieving time of gravel matrix by 20%

Paleo Solutions, serving customers in the western part of the United States, offers field activities on construction sites that specialize in offering paleontological and archaeological services. It conducts wet and dry screening to separate small fossils and artifacts (1-5mm3) from a dirt or gravel matrix, and incorporates a recirculating water system into its process to dramatically minimize water wastage.

The company was looking for a unit that would fit two specific criteria: to be portable and lightweight so that it could be easily transported between work sites, and to efficiently reduce water usage. While conducting a detailed search, Paleo Solutions contacted Russell Finex and after consultation with a local sales representative, the Russell Mini Sifter™ was presented as the ideal machine to meet its process improvement objectives.

Wet and dry screening of fossils

The steps involved in sifting the materials included both wet and dry screening. The sediment is first washed in water in 5-gallon buckets, removing any excess dirt or contaminant from the fossils in the dirt and gravel matrix. The liquid used in this process is then recycled and retained, providing an additional benefit to the operators by removing the need for a water line.

Results showed significant improvements to both the wet and dry screening processes, saving Paleo Solutions a significant time cost and minimizing waste. For wet screening, the Russell Mini Sifter™ reduced screening time and water usage by around 20%. For the dry screening, although less time was saved, productivity was significantly increased since this is now an unmanned operation, allowing for other tasks to be completed during the sieving process.

Founded in 1934, Russell Finex has over 85 years of experience providing sieving, separation, and filtration solutions for a range of different industries.

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“We were very impressed by how Russell Finex’s Mini Sifter saved us so much time, acting as the optimal replacement for our previous sieving machine. It was a highly efficient, quick and compact unit, that greatly improved our production process.

Paul Jette, Site Manager at Paleo Solutions
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