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Whisky distillation automation

Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® delivers payback in 12 months for English whisky

White Peak Distillery produces English single malt whisky distilleries from its base in Derbyshire, U.K. Located in a UNESCO World Heritage site, the distillery’s whisky is named after its location in a 19th Century former wire works.

The craft distillery has partnered with a local brewery to use spent brewing yeast, which connects it to the area’s 300-year brewing history. The business sells spirits direct to consumers through its shop and website. It also supplies independent spirit specialists and whisky shops across the U.K as well as the largest whisky website in Europe, Master of Malt, and Selfridges of London.

A key element of whisky production is distillation. The liquid is heated in copper pot stills so the alcohol vapors reach the condenser. To turn these vapors back into liquid, the condenser has to be constantly cooled. As the distillery is based on the banks of the River Derwent, it gained permission to use river water to cool the condensers.

The river water was pumped into a large outdoor water tank, while a 50-micron filter bag (sometimes known as a sock) captured leaves, twigs, and other sediments. However, the filter bag/sock had to be changed manually on a frequent basis. In the winter, this could be as often as every five minutes because of the volume of debris in the river. This was a distraction for the distillers from other production activities.

After a successful trial, the distillery purchased a Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® with a 50-micron stainless steel screen to replace the filter bag/sock permanently. Instead of a bag/sock, the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® uses a stainless steel screen that is continuously cleaned by a wiper. This SpiroKlene™ system allows the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® to give constantly high flow rates of clean water without stopping for cleaning.

As a result, the business has made significant time savings as the distillers no longer need to change the filter bag/sock. The craft distillery has also seen the financial benefits of automating its filtering process. The investment in technology has been paid back within 12 months of use.

“The Russell Finex team was really helpful. And with hindsight, I wish we'd made the change two years ago. The Russell Finex filter has been invaluable to us as a business.” said Max Vaughan, Founder.

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