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Filtering PVA Solution demonstration video

Russell Eco Filter 603 with wedgewire screen removes contamination from polyvinyl alcohol solutions

When filtering hazardous chemicals, the main issue to prevent is that any unmixed or oversized particles don’t end up in the final product. Polyvinyl alcohol solution (more commonly known as PVA solution) is a polymer widely used in adhesives and other products such as coatings, paints and sealants, and these are commonly passed through a fine filtration process in order to ensure the product is as contamination-free as possible.  

In this demonstration video, the PVA solution is pumped into the Russell Self-Cleaning Eco Filter® when it is processed to remove contamination over 500 microns. The oversize is collected and discharged through a manual or automated discharge valve, whilst the filtered product is collected into a large container. Inside the filter, the solution is passed through a stainless steel screen with a Spiroklene™ wiper system which provides continuous effective cleaning and filtration. 

An innovative self-cleaning unit, the Russell Self-Cleaning Eco Filter® is specifically designed to process a range of liquid products, with its self-cleaning design allowing for no stoppages to change the filter element. Product waste and costs are also kept to a minimum, as there is no need to replace and dispose of the filter media. Product quality is also vastly improved, and protects the health and safety of operators, due to its completely enclosed system which allows for minimal contamination and exposure to the product.  

With over 85 years’ experience, Russell Finex is a global innovator and supplier of a range of filtration, sieving and separation solutions to the chemicals industry. To find out more about how we can help provide a solution to your application problems, contact us today. 

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