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Screening freeze-dried rosemary

The Finex Ultima™ delivers high performance screening of freeze-dried rosemary to obtain 3 fractions of final product

Rosemary is a type of herb and is used to add flavors in various foods. It also serves many medicinal benefits as a good source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B-6. In food industry rosemary is commonly used as a dried herb or a dried powdered extract, and therefore needs to be screened to achieve the highest quality before being used in end-products.

high performance industrial vibratory screen – the Finex Ultima™ is capable of accurately grading material up to five fractions, removing oversized contamination and improving the overall product quality.

In this demonstration video, freeze-dried rosemary leaves are screened using a 30” Finex Ultima™ machine. The grading is performed on a double deck vibro screen using 2mm & 5mm mesh sizes to obtain the desired particle size whilst also preventing mesh blinding. The batch of rosemary leaves is fed onto the 5mm mesh, where the vibrating screen separates the large sized leaves and oversized contamination away from the main product. In the bottom deck any rosemary leaves between 2mm to 5mm is then separated through the outlet, while leaves and dust below 2mm is collected through the bottom outlet.

The Finex Ultima™ is exclusively designed for India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and is an ideal solution to deliver high product throughput compared to conventional spring-mounted vibro separators. Due to its hygienic design and effective screening or grading capabilities of wet or dry material, this is an ideal solution for the food industry.

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