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Grading chocolate brownie pieces

The Finex Separator accurately grades chocolate brownie pieces into 2 fractions for reuse

Recovery and reprocessing is essential for any process line to ensure product wastage is minimized. This demonstration video shows the grading of recovered chocolate brownie pieces into 2 fractions using the Finex Separator™, a market leading vibratory separation equipment. Installed with a single deck and 2mm mesh screen, fines and oversize can be obtained allowing for reuse of the 2 cuts. This specific application achieved 160 kg/hr throughput rate. However this high capacity grader can achieve throughput rates of up to 10 t/hr. Up to 4 separator decks can be installed on the Finex Separator™ providing accurate grading and separation in one operation. Due to the rubber suspension of this vibratory grader, transmission of vibration to the mesh is higher than in spring mounted grading sieves providing higher screening capacities. Using a standard electric motor provides operating speeds of 1800 rpm which also enhances the performance of the separator.

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