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Screening salt from bulk bags

Sieve system removes oversize contamination from food salts to assure quality of incoming bulk bags and FIBCs

Salt, sugar, flour and other common baking and food ingredients are commonly transported and supplied in large quantities using bulk packaging such as food-grade bulk bags or FIBCs. These are convenient for food suppliers and manufacturers to fill, store, transport and unload, and designed to integrate easily with modern-day food processing equipment.

However, throughout food production, it is not always possible to fully guarantee the quality and consistency of bulk food powders. Powders such as salt, flour and sugar are susceptible to foreign and oversize contamination, moisture and pests. In order to protect the quality of food products, incoming bulk bags or FIBCs must be classified before use in food production.

In this demonstration video, the Russell Compact Sieve® check-screens an FIBC of food salt, removing contamination. The bulk container is unloaded onto the high-capacity screener, where oversize contamination is removed, whilst good salt is classified – passing through the mesh and collected ready for use in production.

Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, these high capacity screeners fit neatly into production lines, providing considerable screening capacity without requiring excessive headroom, and can be used to classify incoming and outgoing ingredients. The units are quick and easy to dismantle, clean, and reassemble, and are available in food-grade stainless-steel. A range of sizes and customized options are available to suit the requirements all types of food and bakery powders.

Russell Finex, a global leader in industrial sieving and filtration technology, has been supplying food classification and separation equipment to the industry for 90 Years. To discover how a range of solutions could benefit your food production line, try the Interactive Application Finder, or contact Russell Finex today.

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